GMLinks Services

Our 24/7 team is dedicated to respond to your immediate needs, delivering flexible and seamless connectivity, whenever you need us. We offer access to a wide range of technical services for broadcasters and other non-media organizations seeking assistance in their transmission needs. We provide wide range of services from DTH distribution services for content providers, to occasional television signal uplink and turnaround, to video or data transmission over satellite and fiber networks.

Satellite space segment:

Whatever you need, from 3 MHz or a full 72 MHz transponder, for 15 minutes or a monthly lease, our flexible service can meet your requirements, whether planned or unexpected. For sports & entertainment, broadcasting, SNG, studio-to-studio broadcasting, events (including HDTV and 3D transmissions), corporate & business TV, part-time contribution links, post-production transfer, video streaming, cable restoration, disaster recovery.

  • We are working in both, occasional use and long term lease.
  • We can provide capacity from 3 MHz to 72 MHz, in all bands (C-Band , KU-Band and KA-Band) in both polarity .
  • We are ready for any special event coverage.
  • Satellites that we are work on: Eutelsat, Arabsat, Intelsat, Asiasat, Astra and Express and we can provide any special satellite you may request.

Network and Communication:

Managed global satellite and fiber distribution from all major broadcast hubs to all major broadcasters, to allow our customer to reach any place in the world at any time. Teleport Services - the data hub to the world Satellite and fiber-optic connectivity with global coverage: GMLinks operates over huge number of high-power Ku, K and C band antennas at its satellite teleport. Thanks to the central location, all types of digital data can be received from and distributed to Europe, Asia, Africa and other continents. The hub is also equipped with interfaces to global fiber-optic networks and offers space for the secure housing and operation of technical systems.

GMLinks offer

  • Can transport and deliver content in many formats including ASI, IP, SDI and HD-SDI Ethernet etc…
  • We can make a turnaround process from all Satellite bands or IP Signal to any Satellite bands or IP signal
  • Designed for reliable transport at all times: self-healing network with redundant paths and ring architectures to ensure flawless worldwide delivery for broadcast content.
  • 24/7 monitoring with worldwide end-to-end service supervision and management

News desk Services:

  • News gathering & forward planning: Specialized News Gathering & forward planning with a regional reach; this allows a better coverage and anticipation of the region’s events.
  • Ad hoc occasional correspondence & permanent correspondence service: A permanent correspondence service by one of our journalists and an ad hoc correspondence interim service are available through our journalists in English, French or Arabic.
  • We can offer list of Guest who's experts in all the filed that you may request in any language and from any place that you need.

Broadcast & Production Services:

Our wide offer includes such services like live transmissions from the most important events or news and archive video footage, customized on demand production and video distribution. We provide broadcasting and production services including rental of technical facilities (SNG trucks, OB-vans, ENG equipment), rental of television studios, production of HD quality aerial footage all over CEE region, corporate video production, play out and teleport services. Wardrobe rental, participation in trainings and advisory services in terms of studio formation and television technology are another part of our offer.

GMLinks offer:

  • Live Studio: from one camera to make live stand up to 8 cameras for a live show production upon you request in (SD\HD).
  • SNG Truck and OB van: for outside events coverage and production of live show in outside locations. (SD\HD).
  • Tape Play Out: in all formats.
  • ENG Crew and Editing facilities: using professional equipment and crews. (SD\HD).
  • Production Equipment for rental.

Media Assistance & Logistics Services:

We offer a complete range of assistance services across our area of work, like the following:

  • Fixers/Interpreters.
  • Hotels Reservations & Transport.
  • Visas.
  • Car rental with English speaking drivers.
  • Office Space.